Achieve your dreams

Explore deep nature
with skilled mentors

Challenge your physical and mental boundaries

have the time of your life!

North Star Adventures inspires personal growth, self-awareness, creativity and wellness through outdoor experiences.

Find your true North

On a clear night go out and look at the stars. During a crisp clear winter night,it can be overwhelming. While not the brightest star in the sky, the North Star is the reference point from where you can begin your exploration of the night sky. It is the place to focus on if you are lost.

North Star Adventures may not be the flashiest program in the field,  but we are a reference point from which you can begin your journey , continue your journey, where you can come to refocus, or where you can come to create the adventure of a lifetime…


“Nancy’s passion for the beauty and solace of nature, her cracker jack competency in guiding and wilderness first aid and her kindness and thoughtfulness to everyone make her a guide extraordinaire. And did I mention that she is one of the most humble people you’ll ever meet?”      

~ Leslie Stein M ED


“In my experience, Nancy Zane is a master planner with any activity she has been involved with. I’m amazed at her ability to lead and manage events/outings seemingly effortlessly.”      

~ Lainie Kertesz, Johnny's Selected Seeds


“Nancy’s ability to connect with clients and students on a person level is impeccable. Her genuine and caring demeanour allowed me to reach my full potential as a climber, backpacker and paddler. She created a comfortable environment that pushed me out of my comfort zone to realize my full potential. Nancy is an incredible coach, mentor, instructor and friend. Thank you for everything!”      

~ Mike Froehly Instructor, National Outdoor Leadership School