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Cloe Chunn

Cloe Chunn, former high school and college teacher, is a naturalist, nature journal keeper, and Registered Maine Guide. She is a cofounder of the Maine Master Naturalist Program. Her book, Fifty Hikes in the Maine Mountains (W.W. Norton), has been a Maine standard hiking guide, continually updated and revised, for over 30 years. Exploring wild places, sharing them with others, and feeling her connection to Mother Earth, are what keep Cloe happy.


Sarah Rice

Sarah rice is a documentary and editorial photographer based in mid-coast Maine. Freelance for more than a decade now she shoots regularly for the New York Time and Getty, and her work has been published by National Geographic, the New Yorker, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, CNN.com, NBCnews.com, and the Center for Investigative reporting among other outlets.

For more information about Sarah and her work check out her website.

Sarah Rice Photography


Ben Potter

As an artist he is interested in the oscillation between representation and abstraction. This art is derived from places and people. Certain gestures of friends, patterns on fields or in creeks: all serve as starting points for drawings, paintings, and sculpture.

Ben Potter grew up in Sewanee TN, and both of his parents are teachers. He attended Williams College, where he double-majored in Fine Art and Biology. He also spent substantial time on the whitewater rivers of the Northeast. After an internship with the New York Zoological Society on St. Catherine’s Island in Georgia, he decided to pursue a degree in art at the California College of the Arts in Oakland CA. After this MFA, he taught college courses in Vermont and Wisconsin before landing at Unity.

MFA, California College of the Arts
BA, Williams College
Professor of Art/ School of Environmental Citizenship, Unity College


JIm MacDonald

James Macdonald began woodworking professionally at the age of 22 in the early 1980's. Initially working as a mold maker, guitar maker, cabinetmaker, and boatbuilder he moved to Maine and built his home, as one of the last original back-to-landers. After a few more years of boatbuilding on the coast, James opened his own custom woodworking business. He learned marquetry, the making of pictures out of wood veneers, from Silas Kopf in the early '90's and since 2000 has taught marquetry, oftentimes with Kopf, at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport Maine. Macdonald has also taught a marquetry course at the Haystck Mountain School of Crafts, and basic woodworking skills at the Carpenter's Boat Shop. Presently he is focusing on making electric guitars that feature his marquetry art. His work can be seen on Facebook.


Rachel Littlefield

Rachel Littlefield is a painter who lives in and gets her inspiration from beautiful Waldo County, Maine.  Using the sunrise as her muse and nature’s changing moods as her palette, she captures digital images in the moment and then creates artwork in her studio, Sweet Maple Corner Arts, using acrylic paint, pastels, and watercolors.

When not painting or chasing the sunrise, Rachel teaches at Waldo County Technical Center, and spends time with her family and friends.  She also loves playing her ukulele, baking yummy treats and doing yoga.  

Rachel believes that the first and most crucial step in embracing your inner artist is practicing your ability to see the beauty around us.  Once your eyes are opened, there are opportunities for artistic expression everywhere!


Stephanie Wade

Stephanie Wade teaches writing using principles of ecology and ecopoetics, which help writers engage all of their senses and create work that evokes elemental connections. Her writing and teaching are inspired by nature. With a BA in psychology, an MA and PhD in English and twenty years of teaching experience, Stephanie sees writing as an important way to learn about ourselves, to understand the world, and to create beauty. She has worked with writers of all abilities and especially enjoys helping writers explore new ideas, new places, and new genres. She has taught writing at the Transformative Language Arts Conference,  Rena's Promise International Creative Writing Camp, Stony Brook University, and Unity College. Currently, Stephanie serves as the assistant director of writing at Bates College.


Gerry Saunders

Gerry Saunders is a retired science educator who has enjoyed taking students outside since he started teaching. He particularly enjoys canoeing. After enduring freeze dried and boxed meals for years, he discovered the joy of fresh prepared food on a canoe trip in the Sylvania Wilderness. His first attempt at Dutch oven cooking produced a desert of cherry charcoal. Since then, he has refined his skills and now he and friends enjoy fresh baked meals using fresh and dehydrated ingredients. See you on the water.


Beth Arnold

For over 30 years Beth has worked as an experiential and adventure practitioner with Project Adventure, Outward Bound Wilderness, the American Youth Foundation and Unity College. A consummate student-centered educator she has a strong background in canoeing, wilderness expedition, teaching and learning, institutional adventure administration, as well as challenge course design, installation and programming. Beth has worked with all ages and is dedicated to tailoring learning experiences to the needs of the learner. Her professional interests are integrated learning and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching, as well as the development of women’s leadership in adventure education.

Beth grew up in the woods of Wisconsin and Minnesota and has worked and played in many of the nation’s natural treasures.  She is extremely pleased to have landed in the mid-coast of Maine to enjoy the next phase of her life and work.

  • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI
  • Master of Education in Administration and Supervision from Antioch University New England
  • Senior Instructor in Adventure Programs/ School of Environmental Citizenship, Unity College




Shana Bloomstein

Shana Bloomstein is originally from Freedom, ME. She began moving in nursery school with the love and guidance of her life-long teacher Lisa Newcomb. Her playful exploration of dance continued with Lisa throughout her upbringing in Maine, with a focus in creative movement and modern dance; inspired deeply by the offerings of teachers of the African diaspora.  She studied with Richard Gonzales, Abdoulaye Sylla , and Arthur Hall during her youth.  She continued her studies of dance/edu. at Hampshire College in ’98, where she met her mentor and “dance mother”; artist and educator Nia Love; she performed as an original member of Loves'  Blacksmith's Daughter Dance Theatre Co.in NYC for 4 yrs.  Her explorations in dance have taken her abroad, including studies in Senegal, West Africa with Babacar and Cheik M'Baye. Shana has been an LMT and Yoga teacher for 14 years and PTA for the last 10. She currently works as a Pediatric PTA at WCGH and provides Aquatic therapy for children at the YMCA. She has a private practice Cycles of life therapeutic massage out of her home as well as traveling to clients in her community. She teachers dance and yoga to both children and adults in public schools, colleges and currently at The Belfast Dance Studio. Shana is a certified Yoga instructor. licensed massage therapist and licensed PTA. She teaches residencies throughout mid coast Maine and enjoys any opportunity to work with children and adults to integrate dance as form of telling our stories, others stories and as a healing art form. Shana is a performing artist; offering solo works in improv/modern dance idiom, and works throughout New England in collaboration with artist of various mediums.  She has been producing, directing, dancing and offering the collective stories of artists in her community through a performance project called Women's Works for the past 12 years. Shana's greatest creative inspiration is being a mother to her two children Dawud and Nnenaya.


Chris & Susan Bakaley Marshall

Susan Bakaley Marshall is an artist, Registered Art Therapist, Touch Drawing Facilitator, and shamanic healing practitioner.  For over 25 years she has maintained an active studio as an artist and a private art therapy and shamanic healing practice. Susan was the creative arts therapist consultant for MaineGeneral Hospice Program for 12 years, offering art and music experiences in people’s homes and nursing facilities, and has also provided trainings and workshops for the Maine Arts and Hospice Project.

Chris Marshall is retired professor emeritus. He’s worked with musicians in the Balkans and Native American artists in Maine, and taught a generation of college students about human ecology through archeology and looking at the landscape. He has graduate degrees from Indiana University and Cornell. Chris is passionate about the way music and art give voice to myth, ritual, and symbol around the world. Susan and Chris have taught shamanism and maintained a healing practice together for over twenty-five years.

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