First Aid Training with North Star Adventures

Wilderness First Aid is one of the few things I get on my soapbox about.  Whether you are a weekend warrior, endurance athlete, casual hiker or camper, or you live and travel out of your van, taking a wilderness first aid class can make the difference between staying in the field or evacuation. It can be the difference between a really bad day and a minor inconvenience. Do yourself and friends a favor…get training. I currently teach Wilderness Medicine for … Read More

Your Personal First Aid Kit

Every year, during my first aid courses, folks ask me for a list of what to put in a personal first aid kit.  I have compiled a list based on what has worked well for me over the past 25 years. You may have specific items that work best for you. This is just a guideline.  Over time you will adjust this basic list and add or subtract what works for your specific needs.  Make sure you carry your first … Read More

Managing Hypothermia

Hypothermia is the lowering of the body’s core temperature; brain and muscle function become impaired. You may recognize the signs and symptoms of hypothermia in your friends, but your body has no mechanism to recognize hypothermia in yourself. You can slip down the hypothermia continuum without realizing you are getting dangerously cold. Your body is reacting to losing more heat than it can produce. In treating hypothermia it is important to know two things: how your body loses heat, and … Read More

Wilderness First Aid Afloat

This  past weekend I had the pleasure of teaching a SOLO Wilderness First Aid Afloat Course at the Waldo County Technical Center in Belfast, Maine. This is the fourth year I have taught this course for the Maine Island Trails Association (MITA).  MITA  I don’t get on my soapbox about many things but Wilderness Medicine is one of them. I believe with all my heart that anyone who spends time in the back country, regardless if they are a guide or … Read More