Equipment List for Wilderness First Aid/ WFR Recertification

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You should plan to wear or have with you clothing that will be appropriate to the season and location where you will be taking your course. Weather permitting; we will be spending a significant portion of the class time out-of-doors. If you have questions regarding the usual weather where your course will be held, please contact me. 

The following list is to SUPPLEMENT the clothing you will be wearing. 


  •  Notebook and pen / pencil 
  •  Raingear tops and bottoms 
  • Layers of clothing (for practice with scenarios) 
  • Hat – warm, not made of cotton 
  • Mittens or gloves if it will be cold out 
  • Backpack to put everything in 
  • Water bottles (1qt or 1 liter) for drinking water 
  • Foot wear for the environment (close-toed shoes for being outdoors/sandals are OK for inside) 


  • Ground cloth or small tarp (6X4 sheet of plastic is fine) 
  • Sleeping pad (ensolite, ridgerest, thermarest) 
  • Bandanas 

Please Note: If you are a WFR Recert taking a WFA, please notify me ahead of time. This course will only recertify current SOLO WFR certifications. You will need to send SOLO proof of your current WFR status along with a small additional administrative fee after the course is complete. 

If your WFR is with another school you will need to enroll in a WFR- Recertification class.

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