Events, Retreats, Skills & Certifications

North Star Adventures in Art: is a unique program provides an opportunity to practice your chosen medium in the natural world. Programs will use the natural world to inspire, tinder and inform your creative energy. Through adventure you will be asked to work outside your comfort zone and transform that learning /energy into art.  Adventures can be water-based (sea kayaking & canoeing) or land-based (hiking, backpacking, cross country skiing or snowshoeing) and will be 4 - 7 days in length. Working with professional artists gives you the opportunity to gain skill and insight into your chosen medium. Programs are designed for both beginners and experienced artists.


Exploration in Art is a day long program that provides you the opportunity to explore an area of interest in the art world. We will embark on our journey in the morning (either water or land-based). After 2-3 hours of exploring and inspiration we will stop for lunch, made from local organic ingredients. The following 2-3 hours will be spent working with an artist to create a product or to learn new techniques that will forward your creative knowledge. We will then return to our starting point where we will share our experiences over refreshments

As the founder of North Star Adventures I am a collaborator.  I believe in synergy and that the sum is always greater than its parts. When  communities work together, all of their individual parts can create amazing opportunities for folks of all ages and abilities.  I realized that community-connecting is an integral part of who I am and what I do, from working with many talented artists to becoming a business sponsor for the Sebasticook Regional Land Trust.  My Community Connections page highlights these collaborative efforts, keeps you updated on service projects and opportunities, and is the place where you work with me to design your personalized adventure.

As an outdoor professional, I am an avid believer in safety and preparedness. The variety of certifications I offer will allow you to take groups of friends, family, or clients into remote locations in a safe and educational manner. SOLO Wilderness Medical courses will give you the skills to manage medical emergencies. The Leave No Trace Trainer course will provide you with the knowledge to teach others how to enjoy the backcountry in a manner that is respectful to the resource, wildlife, and other visitors. The Maine Recreational Guide course is designed for those who intend to lead commercial trips or who work for an existing outfitter.

We offer the following certifications throughout the year. If you have a group of ten or more please call to schedule a private training.

  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • AHA First Aid & CPR
  • Leave No Trace Trainer
  • Maine Recreational Guide Training

Outdoor Skills: Looking to learn a specific outdoor skill?  North Star Adventures offer a variety of skill building classes to enhance your knowledge and increase your fun in the outdoors.


  • Navigation
  • Outdoor Cooking and Menu Planning
  • Basic Campcraft, Winter
  • Basic Campcraft, Summer
  • Choosing and Caring for Equipment
  • Fundamentals of Canoeing
  • Fundamentals of Sea Kayaking
  • Fundamentals of Backpacking


I believe in the power of the natural world to create a avenue for healing, building self confidence, overcoming obstacles, creating meaningful relationships, and building trust in ourselves and others. Through North Star Adventures you will gain the confidence to push outside your “comfort zone” in a safe and supportive group setting.  As you learn the value of intrinsic reward and begin to trust your instincts you will begin the journey to discover your authentic self.

Wedding Adventures

Celebrate your marriage in a unique way. Maine offers you and your wedding party incredible outdoor adventure opportunities.  Kayak the rocky coast of Maine and spend the night on an island. Backpack the mountains of Maine's Katahdin region and hike part of the Appalachian Trail. Canoe wilderness lakes and camp on secluded sand beaches. Cross-country ski with hut-to-hut options. Our nightly accommodations can range from wilderness camping to quaint New England B&B's. We can also design your own multi-option trip. Do you possess a sense of adventure?  Do you want a trip north of ordinary? Do you want to create memories that you will cherish forever? Give me a call and start planning your adventure of a lifetime. You may also visit me on the Knot.