Are you looking to create a special adventure with your friends or family?

What is your dream adventure?

Do you want to climb a mountain or paddle on the ocean?

Perhaps a bike tour, multi day paddling expedition or winter adventure are more your style?

Maybe you want to try a little of each...hiking, paddling and bicycling in one adventure?

Have you always wanted to learn an outdoor sport?

Does a rustic camping trip or self supported adventure sound like a dream come true?

Or would you rather have a warm bed, nightly shower and cooked meals to greet you at the end of each day?  

Work within your time frame — a weekend, week or month to design and deliver the adventure of your dreams.

Private personal events with 1-4 participants or large group events accommodate up to 12 people.

Start Designing Your Adventure Now

North Star Adventures founder Nancy Zane has been inspiring individuals, students, and teams through adventure for over 25 years.

She has worked with sports teams, corporate groups, women’s groups, school personnel and families to create experiences that foster personal growth, teamwork, and open communication.

North Star Adventures will work with you to design the adventure of your dreams.