Leadership retreats are designed to facilitate personal growth and foster your ability to be a more effective collaborator.  Through your Personal Directions Inventory, adventure activities, guided imagery, yoga, and metaphor we help you identify challenges and recognize strengths. Facilitators will work with you to explore possibilities and affect change. We can design a private retreat for your group or you can join one of our public retreats.

Are you looking for a Team Development experience that is unique and designed with your specific group goals in mind? An experience that will develop healthy working relationships based on honest and constructive feedback? A safe place where you can step out of your comfort zone (both emotionally and physically) in a safe and supportive environment?

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Adventures for Summer, Fall or Spring:

Sea Kayaking – Exploring the ocean by sea kayak is a magical experience. The smell of the ocean, sounds of the ocean waves crashing on the rocks, seals barking, and the sounds of  birds communicating all contribute to a wild and remote experience. This experience will leave you in awe of your surroundings and your teammates. Your journey will be custom designed to meet the needs of your team. We have both single and tandem kayaks.

Canoeing – Experience Wild Maine. The options for canoeing in Maine are endless.  From remote lakes with sand beaches and clear refreshing waters to more local waterways there is something for everyone.  Working with your partner in a tandem canoe will allow you the opportunity to work on communication in a supportive environment. Sometimes the waves are big and sometimes it is smooth sailing. The skills learned by paddling through rough water are transferable to the work environment and will strengthen your ability to work together in calm and rough seas.

Multi-Sport Paddling and Hiking – This experience will allow you to have one day on the water (ocean or lake) and one day in the woods (or a half day of each). Camden Hills, in the mid-coast, is a perfect destination for your multi-sport destination. Lake Megunticook, and Camden Harbor are both beautiful paddling destinations. The options for hiking in the Camden Hills are spectacular. Some of my favorite “bang for your buck” hikes are in this location with views of the mountains and the ocean.

Day Hiking – Challenge yourself and your group in the Maine woods. Like canoeing, the options are endless. Do you want the Camden State park experience? Or, would you like a more remote experience in the Caribou Speckled Wilderness of Western Maine? I will meet with your team to develop a journey that best meets your needs.

Backpacking – Do you want a more challenging experience? Backpacking will challenge you physically, mentally and spiritually. The mountains are a special place to get in touch with your authentic self and challenge those voices that keep you from reaching your potential. We create a safe environment where you can be yourself and face your challenges in a non-judgmental and supportive environment.

Map & Compass – Why Map & Compass as a teambuilding activity? Well, for one thing it’s really fun! It is an ancient tool (first used in 206BC for divination) that has not lost it’s relevance. It is the most basic of all navigation tools that does not require batteries or satellites. Learning how to use this tool will open up a world of exploration. Working alone and in groups you will have the opportunity to explore the Maine woods without the fear of getting lost. Offered as a full day program. Can be combined with other activities on a multi-day adventure.

Portable Challenge course activities – Our portable challenge course programs are outcome based and created with your organization’s specific goals in mind. Through proper sequencing and planning we will deliver a curriculum that will enhance your team’s ability to communicate and work together more effectively.  We create a safe space in which team members can build trust both on the physical and emotional level.

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