Linda Mattson

In her early teens, Linda was surprised by a spontaneous mystical experience that began a life- long inquiry into the mystery of our human nature.   Absolute certainty of our inborn spiritual state became the driving force behind many decades of exploration into certain facets of our psychospiritual  depths. Her conviction of our spiritual core has been deeply enhanced by various religious mythologies and traditions, especially through the teachings of Joseph Campbell and other spiritual giants.   Learning of the experiences of the mystic’s of all traditions validated her sense of humanity’s true nature and affirmed personal experience as the source of illumination.

Linda’s Method acting training in New York City revealed the incredible power and depth of our emotional lives, as did her work in primal therapy. She also practiced yoga and meditation at the Jain Meditation International Center in NYC, and was tutored by Jain teacher Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanu, one of the first Jain monks to leave India.

She later undertook academic study in religion and psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.

Linda’s earlier transcendent experiences did not offer a clue to the tough work of embodiment of those “higher” states.    She was surprised again in the more recent past as she undertook the intense work of integration, and also thrilled by the ongoing and sweet rewards of perseverance in this process.