Introduction to Backpacking

Learn how to keep warm, dry, well fed, found, and comfortable. In this one-day workshop we will learn how to pack, what to bring, how to stay comfortable, and how to stay found. Topics include: How to pack for extended trips: Backpack size Gear needed for 2 days – 3 months Tents or tarps? Kitchen: Stoves, pots, pans…what is really necessary. Nutrition requirements for extended backpacking LNT Managing human waste Dealing with kitchen waste Fires…yes or no? First Aid & … Read More

Women’s Backpacking

Designed for women of all ages. If you have always dreamed of backpacking but don’t have the gear or knowledge than this trip is for you. Yes, you will work hard but, you will have the experience of a lifetime. Backpacking will challenge you physically, mentally and spiritually. The mountains are a special place to get in touch with your authentic self and challenge those voices that keep you from reaching your potential. We create a safe environment where you … Read More

Maine Hiking & Backpacking Adventures

Explore the Mountains, Coastline, and Hills of Maine with North Star Adventures!   Contact us to Book Your Adventure!   Full Day Hiking Expeditions Are you pressed for time or just want an introduction to hiking? Our full day excursions may be just what you are looking for. We will meet you at the trailhead with maps, snacks, and an itinerary that will meet your needs. We typically hike in the following locations but will meet you anywhere in the … Read More

Outdoor Baking

Saturday, April 29th 9am – 4pm Good food can be the difference between an amazing experience and a complete disaster. Cooking brings people together in celebration and joy. Spend the day learning how to bake delicious treats in the backcountry. We will use Dutch ovens, fry bakes, and reflector ovens. Cinnamon rolls, bread, pizza, upside down cake,  cornbread, and cookies are all potential menu items. This class includes: Instruction, all meal ingredients, and cooking equipment:  

Caring For Your Outdoor Gear

Outdoor people often invest a lot of money acquiring gear. If you spend a little extra time on the back end of a trip washing, drying, replenishing and repairing you will save time, money, and prolong the life of your gear.  You know the scene, you get home, you’re tired, want a shower, and a cold beverage. In a rush you throw your gear in the garage telling yourself you’ll get to it later. Next thing you know it’s time … Read More

Respecting Natural Places

I have been passionate about the value of spending time in nature since the 1980’s. It has always been a place of peace and grounding. Since the pandemic more and more people have been flocking to our parks, trails, lakes, and rivers for physical fitness and mental health.  Trails are more crowded. If you don’t arrive early, parking lots are full and you are left looking for another place to enjoy nature.  While I embrace this sudden love of the … Read More

Maine Adventures in the Time of Pandemic

Do you want to get out and enjoy the Maine Woods without the fear of COVID?  North Star Adventures will happily create an outdoor adventure for you and your family. Months of social isolation can be extremely challenging, especially for those of us who are extroverted nature lovers. During this time we will be offering discount pricing for all our scheduled and custom adventures. As the state slowly opens up for recreation you may to consider a custom adventure for … Read More

Adventure Team Building with North Star Adventures

North Star Adventures is happy to announce our Adventure Team Building Program. Our programs are outcome based and created with your organization’s specific goals in mind. Through proper sequencing and planning we will deliver a curriculum that will enhance your team’s ability to communicate and work together more effectively.  We create a safe space in which team members can build trust both on the physical and emotional level. Common experiences outside the work environment, on their own, foster deeper relationships. … Read More

Community Collaborations

I am excited to unveil a new page on my website:  Community Connections. One of the most important aspects of my business is collaboration with the community. I have been meeting with people throughout Maine and looking for areas in which we can work together to create unique affordable programming. I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people!  My first collaborative effort has been with Northwood Natural Learning. In February we delivered a Maine Recreational Guide course at … Read More

Happy Camper Backpacking Food

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Good food means happy campers, tent mates, spouses, and kids. The variety of ingredients available for creating delicious meals for outdoor enthusiasts has quadrupled since I first started backpacking.  Back in the day you had to do a significant amount of prep work in order to have a good, healthy, hardy, and satisfying meal. Now with a click of a button, you can order dried fruits, vegetables, meat, powdered hummus, dried refried beans, powdered cheese, eggs, and even peanut butter! … Read More

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