Managing Hypothermia

Hypothermia is the lowering of the body’s core temperature; brain and muscle function become impaired. You may recognize the signs and symptoms of hypothermia in your friends, but your body has no mechanism to recognize hypothermia in yourself. You can slip down the hypothermia continuum without realizing you are getting dangerously cold. Your body is reacting to losing more heat than it can produce. In treating hypothermia it is important to know two things: how your body loses heat, and … Read More

Ice Safety

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On an afternoon walk yesterday to Freedom Pond I noticed someone ice skating. Skating on frozen lakes and ponds is one of my favorite winter activities (this year I will be rehabbing from shoulder surgery so I’ll be watching from the sidelines). It prompted me to re-publish a portion of a blog that I wrote last year. Please skate smart. A few precautions can be the difference between the best day ever and your worst nightmare. Before heading out on … Read More

Dress for Success: Staying Warm

It’s a beautiful winter day. The fresh fallen snow blankets the fields and embraces the trees. The sun is shining and the snow is glistening.  You look at the thermometer, -1F and the wind is blowing about 5-10 mph. Should you go outside? Extreme cold and wind… keep yourself safe and warm! Why would anyone want to go out into this cold winter environment?  Well, for starters, the winter landscape can be stunningly beautiful, peaceful, less crowded, and exhilarating. With … Read More