Ice Safety

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On an afternoon walk yesterday to Freedom Pond I noticed someone ice skating. Skating on frozen lakes and ponds is one of my favorite winter activities (this year I will be rehabbing from shoulder surgery so I’ll be watching from the sidelines). It prompted me to re-publish a portion of a blog that I wrote last year. Please skate smart. A few precautions can be the difference between the best day ever and your worst nightmare. Before heading out on … Read More

Embrace the Winter: Ice Skating & Mountain Biking

Last weeks torrential rain storm wiped out any chance of skiing out my back door. Up next ice skating and mountain biking. In Maine I have two choices, I can either embrace the winter or I can sit on my couch in a state of depression counting the days until summer. I choose the latter. A few years ago my husband and I added a couple new toys to our winter repertoire, nordic skates and studded snow tires for our … Read More