Hiking Safely

After reading about accidents in the White Mountains and in Baxter State Park it was clear to me that my next blog had to be about hiking safely. Not all these accidents are due to inexperience. Often, folks with years of experience find themselves unprepared for the conditions they are faced with. You never know when conditions will change. Weather can be unpredictable. I have found myself on the Knife Edge in Baxter State Park when the weather, which was … Read More

Sea Kayaking Skills Series: Session 2

From the lake to the ocean…Re-entries, Rescues, and Towing This session includes learning how to self-rescue, rescue your friends and how to tow a tired paddler. In order to safely paddle on tidal waters it is imperative for your safety and the safety of your friends that you know how to re-enter your boat and help them re-enter theirs. Good paddle technique will reduce the chances of capsizing significantly. However, it does happen and when it does you need to … Read More

Sea Kayaking Skills Series: Session 1

Session 1: Introduction to Equipment, Knots, and Paddle Technique This class is designed for those who are new to kayaking and for those who want to improve their paddling technique. You will have the opportunity to learn about and try a variety of boats and paddles.  We will also have, safety gear, repair kits and kayaking specific clothing for you to check out. On Land Topics Include: Introduction to kayak equipment Paddles Kayaks PFD’s  Safety gear Clothing Repair kits Knots … Read More

Wilderness First Aid Afloat

This  past weekend I had the pleasure of teaching a SOLO Wilderness First Aid Afloat Course at the Waldo County Technical Center in Belfast, Maine. This is the fourth year I have taught this course for the Maine Island Trails Association (MITA).  MITA  I don’t get on my soapbox about many things but Wilderness Medicine is one of them. I believe with all my heart that anyone who spends time in the back country, regardless if they are a guide or … Read More

Dress for Success: Staying Warm

It’s a beautiful winter day. The fresh fallen snow blankets the fields and embraces the trees. The sun is shining and the snow is glistening.  You look at the thermometer, -1F and the wind is blowing about 5-10 mph. Should you go outside? Extreme cold and wind… keep yourself safe and warm! Why would anyone want to go out into this cold winter environment?  Well, for starters, the winter landscape can be stunningly beautiful, peaceful, less crowded, and exhilarating. With … Read More