North Star Adventures is happy to announce our Adventure Team Building Program.

North Star Adventures founder Nancy Zane has been inspiring individuals, students, and teams through adventure for over 25 years. She has worked with sports teams, corporate groups, women’s groups, school personnel, and families to create experiences that foster personal growth, teamwork, and open communication. She taught adventure education at Unity College and directed an environmental leadership program.

Our programs are outcome based and created with your organization’s specific goals in mind. Through proper sequencing and planning we will deliver a curriculum that will enhance your team’s ability to communicate and work together more effectively.  We create a safe space in which team members can build trust both on the physical and emotional level.

Common experiences outside the work environment, on their own, foster deeper relationships. Paired with a properly sequenced adventure activity those relationships can bring your team to the next level in terms of effectiveness and trust. 

Group members will need to collaborate and make team decisions. Adventure activities allow employees to relate to each over things they have in common rather than their differences.  Programs are designed so each group member will have the opportunity to shine in a leadership role. This leads to increased self-confidence and awareness. Lastly, adventure activities are fun! The tension of the workplace disappears and group members can relax and get to know each other in a more relaxed environment.

We offer a variety of adventure programs. They vary in length from a single day to multi-day retreats.

Day long programs may be the traditional challenge course style retreat or a day long paddling, hiking, cross-country skiing, or snowshoe adventure.

Multi-day retreats can be designed as comfortable or rugged as you desire. From a base at a retreat center we can venture into the woods and waters for paddling or hiking. We can travel as a self-contained unit from site to site via kayak, foot, snowshoes or skis. 

Why are we unique?  To start with we have years of experience with group development, we have the knowledge and ability to create a truly unique program, and we are educators with a lifetime of experience helping people grow and discover their authentic self.  We pair adventure activities with goal setting,  reflection, and creating a plan designed to help you move forward in your leadership and team development.

Contact us today for a free consult and lets design a truly exceptional experience for your team.

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Hands together in teamwork

Hands together in teamwork makes for leadership


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