David Siegfried

Wilderness First Aid participant |
I have attended two different training sessions with North Star Adventures, and learned a lot from both. During a 3-day Wilderness First Aid Afloat course (for SOLO certification), Nancy Zane guided us through the material using multiple teaching approaches to accommodate the group’s diversity of learning styles, with lots of hands-on training as well as informal quiz and discussion time. Later in the year, an on-water medical emergency practice session provided our large group of kayakers from my kayak club an opportunity to learn and practice basic knowledge and skills in handling the most common emergency situations we are likely to face as we lead or participate in group kayak trips. In addition to being a fabulous teacher with deep knowledge and experience in outdoor emergency medicine, Nancy makes classroom activities and practice in the outdoors fun and memorable. I highly recommend Nancy Zane and North Star Adventures, and would certainly engage them again for First Aid re-certification or for another on-water session for my kayak club.