Kelly Desrosiers

Women's Sea kayaking participant |

To all those who have wanted to sign up for a group adventure but were shy or anxious about doing a “group thing”, Nancy Zane is the woman you should break the ice with! Despite Nancy’s impressive personal accomplishments, she remains totally approachable, warm, modest, and funny. I went on a sea kayaking trip with Nancy that stripped away all my insecurities and left me feeling successful at being an introvert doing a “group thing” for the first time. Nancy also provided the sense of trust, safety, and experience I needed to push myself at what can be a potentially dangerous sport. Nancy facilitated my confidence and skills, which is exactly what I needed in a guide. She cultivated such a supportive, non-competitive, casual atmosphere in the group that I made quick friends with total strangers. Off the water, I would have been completely comfortable taking time for myself to read, draw, or just be alone, but I was having such a blast that I did not want to! I came home wind-blown, sunburned, pleasantly sore, de-stressed, and deliriously happy I had taken a chance and signed up with Nancy Zane and North Star. Do it!