Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Gear List

You should plan to wear or have with you clothing that will be appropriate to the season and location where you will be taking your course.  Weather permitting, we will be spending a significant portion of the class time out-of-doors.  The following list is to SUPPLEMENT the clothing you will be wearing and is to be considered a minimum.  You are free to supplement it with anything else you would normally carry.  You will be using your equipment to provide care, build splints, and to keep yourself and OTHERS warm.  Please note, we use moulage throughout the training that can stain some clothing, therefore, you may want to bring older or darker clothing to wear for scenarios. 

Required: The following items should be packed for each class 

  • Pack to put everything in (2500 cu in or large) or duffle bag 
  • Raingear tops and Bottoms (no ponchos, waterproof versus water resistant) 
  • Warm Hat (synthetic* or wool) 
  • 1 Pair Warm Gloves or Mittens (synthetic* or wool) 
  • Long Underwear Tops and Bottoms/Base layers (synthetic* or wool) 
  • Warm Top and Bottom Layer (synthetic* or wool) 
  • 2 Pair Warm socks (synthetic* or wool) 
  • 2 Water Bottles (1 liter/quart or larger) 
  • Hiking boots or Sturdy Hiking Shoes (no “Five Fingers” shoes please) 
  • Notebook with Pen/Pencil 
  • Sleeping pad  
  • 10’ X 10’  4-6 mil Plastic Tarp (for shelter building) 

Polyester or Polypropylene (CapilenetmBergelenetmDri-Climetm, etc.)  We do not recommend cotton which loses its ability to hold heat if wet. 

Highly Recommended 

  • Watch with Second Hand (or digital with seconds) 
  • Headlamp or Flashlight (don’t forget extra batteries and bulbs) 
  • Pocket Knife 
  • Insect Repellent (in season) 
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen 
  • 40 feet Small Diameter Cord (parachute cord is fine) 
  • Bandanas/Cravats of any kind 

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